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Life Books for Kids is a fun and spiritual book series created to help kids understand how to tap into their higher power to navigate through life. Basic life morals are discussed through age-appropriate humor, captivating illustrations, and real-life stories.  The series also explains the “why” kids should listen to parents and teachers and the consequences for not. The goal of the series is to help families foster parent/child relationships through prayer and a sneak introduction to journaling. The series is also coupled with the Capital Summit Youth Edition (a nonprofit) that assists kids in finding and nurturing their life’s purpose through periodic exposure to various activities, guest speakers and events.


This book series inspires kids to be all they can be in the spirit of excellence.  There is a sense of accomplishment instilled in our kids as we issue a Certificate of Completion after reading each book that can be redeemed for cool things during our upcoming seminars and retreats. This can encourage kids to read even more. 


We hope you will join the efforts to show kids that growing up can be fun! Each chapter gently tackles real issues faced by our kids today such as bullying, mental health, respect, gratitude, resilience, integrity and a host of other important morals. 


Let’s utilize our village to build better parent-child relationships today for the good of our children tomorrow.

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About the author
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About the Author
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 Kenya Nicholas has been a champion for kids for over 30 years. Her passion to motivate our youth to be the greatest they can be and encouraging parents to nurture their kid’s talents is paramount to her calling. Her mission is to help our kids help our world. Her love for family has given her a broad base from which to approach many childhood topics in her inspirational and age appropriate book series. Her writings may be confirmed independently at She especially enjoys her family, creating movie and television concepts, and comedy. 

Life Books For Kids

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Book Series

I’m Growing Up! (Ages 2-6)

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Growing Up Can Be Fun! (Ages 7-12)

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I’m a Teenager Now! (Ages 13-17)

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Being A New Grown Up! (Ages 18-21)

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Growing Up Can Be Fun (ages 7-12)
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Growing Up Can Be Fun: Real Life Lessons is part of the Life Books for Kids children’s series. This series focuses on the basic principles of life using real stories to help young readers understand how life works.

Growing Up Can Be Fun: Real Life Lessons discusses prayer, trust, respect, gratitude, and money management. Young readers will meet Tre, Kortia, Omi, and Mario as they navigate interesting situations and make important decisions between right and wrong. Readers will then answer thought-provoking questions after each chapter. Through this exercise, they will be introduced to journaling and recording their thoughts. Parents can use these responses to stimulate communication and foster open relationships with their children.

Join Life Books for Kids in its quest to improve the next generation by helping to empower our kids to be productive and successful.


“Where has this book been all my life?  I really needed this for my kids years ago! Thanks for being an obedient servant and helping our kids understand that Prayer Works.”


D. Smith

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HOW WE Give Back

We donate a portion of proceeds from every book to offset the costs associated with events for kids to express themselves through art, activities and mentoring.


Please click on the Capital Summit Youth Edition tab above.


Life Books for Kids offer discounts for the following groups.


  • Military

  • Churches

  • Schools

  • Bulk Orders


Please contact us for details!

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